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Friday, August 7, 2015

GoldFish Green

Okay, so I am kinda addicted to plants.
Which is a hard passion to have with a house full of house rabbits.
We always have to be cautious of what plants are reachable by little hungry teeth...
which plants will shed leaves onto the floor for naughty bellies to find before we do!
If we ever move (which at the moment feels very unlikely!) I have a prerequisite for our next home.
It must have a huge room or the ability to have a solarium, just for plants, with no worry for the buns.
I got this awesome 'GoldFish' plant a few weeks ago, it has little flowers on it
that are a shimmery orange just like goldfish and with a very similar shape..it sits safely on one of my studio desks...tickling my green loving heart every time I lay eyes on it.

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