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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

She Marched To Her Own Beautiful Rhythm

So the sweet blue hummingbird and cutie pie snail ended up here...
on my latest mixed media lovely called
"She Marched To Her Own Beautiful Rhythm"
 Isn't she pretty?  I am so pleased with it.  I had fun with all the texture of the background
and of course with the snail and hummingbird.
It stems from my own personal experience of slowly learning to march to my own
imperfect rhythm because as a chronic & acute migraine/headache sufferer
I simple can't really keep up a 'normal' routine, never for very long that it!
but I've come to realize that it's just part of my life and whiles I feel like I am far behind
all of the time, that doesn't mean it's negative, not if I adopt a positive perspective atleast!
And yep you guessed it, prints are in my shop waiting for ya.  Enjoy!

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