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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Share Sunday

Hi Ya, here's some link love and inspiration heading your way XO.......

Okay this little bit I want to show you was a complete surprise to me and totally made my heart burst,
I get alot of letters from people who admire my tenacity with pain and how much work I get done anyhow but I've never really considered my life or way of living to be an inspiration to anyone
but apparently I am, ha ha...this is from a darling and sweet fellow maker/creative.
She was interviewed for The Willful Project and she (unexpectedly to me) gives
little old me one of the sweetest shout outs I've ever received
(watch the whole video of course but to see what has me smiling still jump to minute 1:00 on the dot)


Did you guys ever see this news story
about rabbits who hopped on top of sheep to survive a flood?
It's sad I suppose but I like to concentrate on the fact that they were tenacious enough to find saftey, that the sheep let them stay up there on them & most importantly that the farmer who found them
let them be realizing the poor souls worked hard enough to survive.
Now people wouldn't typically think about rabbits as being able to grasp with their paws but
I've experienced it myself...only once but I did.  When we adopted our late Emmett from the shelter,
I was holding him the whole time it took to do the paperwork etc and I didn't want to hog him,
so I thought to pass him over to his new Daddy for a spell but that little guy actually gripped my coat
with this little front paws and wouldn't let go, so I ended up keeping him in my arms.
I will always remember that feeling, of his holding onto me, I too had no idea buns could do that.


I am probably one of the only ones cooing over the animal instead of the baby int his gif
but hey I gotta share it anyhow just incase you've not seen it yet....
Bunny Steals From Baby 

Enjoy Lovelies...see you tommorow XOXO

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