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Friday, July 26, 2019

The Double Crested Cormorant

We were walking down at our beautiful waterfront a few weeks back,
it was a perfect summers evening when I was looking out at the boats in the marina
and I saw a big black bird.
This big black bird had a pretty extensive wing span so I was immediately wondering what it was.
Than I realized it was holding it's wings out to dry in the sun,
I've never really seen any ducks doing that
and even from a distance you could tell this bird was quite black and substantial.
I recognized the profile almost right away, I said to my honey 'Oh My Gawd, is that a Cormorant".
I've never ever seen one of these birds around here, only out on the East Coast and West Coast.
We watched it for a few minutes
than decided it was worth the chance to run home for the our Nikon zoom lens.
He was still there, sunning his wings, when we got back.
He/she was absolutely magnificent.
Look at his incredible turquoise eyes, holy smokes!
I later learned that he/she was a double-crested Cormorant
and that they were in fact plentiful around here about 30 or 40 years ago
but they were killed off by people using a certain kind of pesticide in their yards etc.

Now they are making a comeback but much to my dismay I read that the Ford government
has or is about to pass a law that says anyone can kill these amazing birds for no reason!
Oh stupid people think they have good reasons though!
They complain that the birds poo smells too much!
They complain that they destroy their property!!
and the worse most idiotic one is that the fisherman say these birds eat too many of the
young sports fish, not leaving them with enough when it comes to their fishing derby times etc,
how gross and pathetic is that!
I mean, I am pretty sure any human can go into a grocery store full of food
and find something to fill their bellies but the Cormorants rely on the fish in the lake alone.
The fish is theirs to eat, not ours, come on people, at least learn to share!
If you think the Cormorants are as beautiful and incredible as I do, send a message to your government and express your dismay that these amazing creatures are once again at risk.
And if you live anywhere near these birds and you see they are in danger, try to educate people
about sharing this world with these animals...like all animals, these birds need our help!

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