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Thursday, August 13, 2020


I am so sorry to have disappeared on you all.
I have no excuse other than life's busy-ness swept me away...
Life with cancer swept me away...
Life with 9 bunnies, many whom are special needs, swept me away...
Life with chronic illnesses & fighting them on top of everything else tuckered me out & kept me away.

I think too that I did't want to pretend things were okay & all chipper & perfect when they weren't.
People don't want to hear it from me because I am expected to always be the sunny one,
but I've been struggling big-time and I don't feel ashamed to admit that one bit.
If we all just shared our struggles maybe we could connect in a more real way than we all really are!
I won't promise to be back to posting full tilt but I do plan to try atleast.
Thank you to everyone and anyone still checking in here!

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