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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Mooshi-Haroo's 1st Year Homecoming

It was one year ago today that we found our Mooshi-Haroo outside in the freezing cold, eating birdseed to survive, in our very own front yard...it was the eve of my honey's 1st big surgery, a deep resection of a highly aggressive bladder tumor and the worst possible night for a rescue but how could we just ignore him...we couldn't, there wasn't any second of a doubt.  The odds of us seeing him was a miracle really, I just happened to spy him from the front window as I was sitting down to eat dinner & yelled to my honey, "Quick, Jonathan hurry, there's a bunny in the front yard" and out I dashed in my socks, in the sleet and snow, only stopping to run back inside about 40 minutes later because I couldn't feel my feet!  A neighbor called out their door "Is that your bunny" and after we caught him, I went to talk to them and found out that Mooshi was actually seen running around the neighborhood for at least a whole month and apparently he had a friend! He was seen with a bigger white rabbit!  Well I'll tell you the rest of that story on Friday, how about that, it's quite the tale ha ha!.

There was at first a desperation to catch him because I knew if he left our yard, it was unlikely we'd see him again since this was the first time we'd seen him at all and I am a bird watcher so I watch out the windows often!  He was elusive and wiley at first and my heart was in my throat as we tried again and again to approach him with no luck, he clearly didn't trust people.  But I quickly realized that he would follow Jonathan and I said "Babe, go to the back slowly and open the gate" and he did so a few steps at a time and sure enough, like the Pied Piper, Moo followed him cautiously but surely and then went straight into the backyard which is when we were able to close the gate and feel some relief because at least back there he couldn't escape.  It took another 10 minutes to corner him and pick him up.  He wouldn't eat or poop for 3 days after, he just wanted to drink bowl after bowl of water.  It took everything in him to survive out there.  The next day and night was a freezing cold blizzard, one which he wasn't likely to survive, talk about serendipitous timing!  I didn't want to keep him at first honestly, I wanted to get him healthy & find him another home because things were just way too much with my honeys diagnosis (and mine infact) but my honey without a doubt said we had to, "He was meant to be".  I am so glad we did.  He's a chewer for sure but he's also so so happy & dances all the time for us, he comes when called and has such a gentle warm personality.  We sadly suspect he was an Easter present tossed outside.  I wanted to call him Haroo, Jonathn wanted to call him Mooshi so Mooshi-Haroo it became, a brand new family member.

Happy 1st year homecoming Mooshi-Haroo Saile-Peterson, we love you so much buddy XO  and everyone don't forget that you can see Mooshi-Haroo on our rabbit micro-sanctuary stream on Instagram.


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