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Friday, December 19, 2008

A Needed Day 'Away'

So this past Wednesday my good friend Maria and I decided to get out of town for the afternoon and relax, lunch and shop in Sudbury. It was a great day, and much needed after being so home bound for the past week and abit because of the headaches. The only drawback from the day was that I didn't make it back in time to watch my niece in her leading role of Mrs.Claus at her school's annual xmas play. But it was such a cozy and warm feeling to be happy as pie to be back home after a day away from my bunnies and honey.
We both got ourselves some goodies and I wanted to share them with you since they are so delicious and pleasant:D ....so here's some books that I got...I just couldn't resist. Especially the magazines, because our magazine selection here in North Bay royally sucks, so I indulged in 'Take Ten', "Studio' and my first issue of "Art Dolls Quarterly", I have no plans to make art dolls but it just amazes me what people can do with them so this one will be enjoyed for sure...

I also couldn't' resist some good finds in the bargain section....Bunnicula is a hilarious kids series and I thought our house dedicated to bunnies isn't complete without a copy of this book! I am a big Nick Bantock fan and collect his books whenever I can afford to, I've read the Griffin and Sabine Trilogy so I was happy to find the 4th and final conclusion "The Golden Mean' for a mere 6 bucks! I also indulged in 'Murkmere' and 'Haunted Waters' since I haven't dived into a good kids book for a long time now and these looked promising. Also, a Madonna's kid's book, now I don't support these big stars who decide to make children's book on a whim and take up most of a publishers budget for new books, but I do actually like her books! The illustrators she uses are fantastic and the stories are really quiet decent with a moral...so I am hoping this one follows suit.

I couldn't resist this beautiful silver box with a lid that lifts up and little drawers that pull out...I am a sucker for boxes! and this seems to be a nice new asset to my computer desk area.

And I could not resist this beautiful pillow. I love the retro colouring and I just don't get tired of looking at the design....

...plus it was on sale for $10.00!!! and it does go perfectly with my other pillows and on the studio couch, yippee!!!....
So that was a fun little spur of the moment shopping spree....Oh I also got some delicious and beautiful new beads for more necklaces and I can't wait to use them. Who would think, beads, books, a box and new pillow could bring such happiness, ha ha...but they do because I so appreciate everything I get and have and anything that makes our cozy little home that much nicer is welcome, taken care of and enjoyed.
Until Next week, where I might be posting on Monday...or not..you'll have to pop by to see. Be Well and have a wonderful weekend and of course and as always, Happy Creating.

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Anonymous said...

I was glad you enjoyed your day away. Your room certainly has come together. The room as a day at the spa feeling to it.