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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Sorry to be so absent these days.  I've not been on my computer nor in my studio much lately.
For we've been stressed....Our beautiful blue-grey Jin got really sick last week.
A rushed visit to an emergency appointment with x-rays and all the stressful bits
concluded in what looks like pretty serious pneumonia.

So we're diligently administering broad spectrum antibiotics twice daily for at least 2 weeks.
Keeping her nice and warm with ample company.
And of course her buddy Jaks is taking pretty good care of his girlie &
as sick as she's been she's still taking care of him!

Lots of fresh Oregano is being had too because apparently it's good to help rabbits fight colds.

We're tentatively optimistic that she's looking better than a few days ago BUT we know she's old
& that pneumonia is quite serious in buns, let alone ones that are upwards of 10 years old.
SO dear blogging peeps...send us our girl Jinny some healthful wishes and good healing mojo.  


Edie said...

Prayers and good energy being sent to all your lovely companions. You can beat this, sweet Jin!



Anonymous said...

I hope your precious sweet Jin is doing better.


Natalie Christensen said...

I had a bun named oreo that looked like urs that died recently. :( I have another that looks like urs and hes sorta sad. I hope ur bun gets better. Best wishes

Unknown said...

Jinster :-)