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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Suffering With Sweetness

Leisel, otherwise known as our marshmallow wrapped in a razor blade! seems to be my sentient.
Teela, my beloved departed used to be my ever trusty watcher,
before her it was our lovely Ella-Luna who took on the job
....always seems to be a female bun that's my watcher.

When I am laying in the bed Leisel comes and checks on me almost hourly,
sometimes she waits and watches me from the end of the bed...
If I don't move for awhile she keeps nudging me until I do move and say "I am okay baby".
It's really really very very touching and sweet, especially coming from our broken Leisel,
even when my head is feeling like it's going to split open, the utter sweetness of it isn't lost on me.

On these days another sweet lovely thing are lovely large sweet soy lattes with a big hit of
coconut whipping cream! (I know I know 'the sugar' but my sugar intake is otherwise low).
Sometimes the hit of strong caffeine with a dose of codeine helps me out a bit pain wise so I see it
as medicinal in a way ha ha! But they do truly feel needed, well deserved & certainly appreciated too!

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