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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Stop Ontario's Plans To Increase Wolf & Coyote Hunting

I wish I had a picture of a wolf or a coyote to get your attention for this post but I don't.
So instead picture wolves, coyotes and moose running in this setting, together, in their natural habitat
because this is THEIR NATURAL HABITAT & in this day and age it's about time we learn to protect instead of constantly taking and destroying!
I am ashamed to be Canadian if this new law gets through.

Quickly put, the moose populations are on the decline
But the real reasons of the decline are not being addressed.
Climate change & hunting are the culprits, end of story.
The Ontario government wants to change the hunting regulations
because that's them blaming the moose population decline on wolves and coyotes!!!
Wolves and coyote and moose have for centuries been co-existing.
Wolves and coyotes are simply NOT main predators of the moose...
hunters are...
climate change and therefore food source changes, pest problems etc are....
NOT wolves & coyotes but the hunting community of course wants everyone to think so
and the the government is under pressure and is in danger of curtailing to the ones
who care about our natural habitat and our cultural icons the least.

What can you do?
Write the Ontario government.  I just did.  My letter is below. Use it, change it as you please,
just let your voice be heard on behalf of the innocent.
Help fight for the wolves and coyotes PLEASE.

The deadline for letters/comments is tomorrow night 12pm,
It just take a few moments, especially if you go off my letter below.

For more info go here and write your comment/letter right here

(Thank You to those who do XO)


I am writing to you today with a very heavy heart as I recently hear about the proposed changes to the management of the wolf, moose and coyote hunting regulations in northern Ontario (ERO 019-0405/ERO 019-0406).

Most people know that the moose population is not under attack by the wolves and coyotes but by climate change and hunters. As the world seems to worsen by the day, people are losing hope, now is the time more than ever that the population needs to believe in its government.  We simply cannot continue to see our government as the bad guys constantly stepping all over and using our amazing natural world to their advantage.  Please do not bow to the pressure of the hunters and instead show that the Ontario government will take steps to protect our moose, who are indeed a cultural symbol. 

In this day and age where cruelty is being fought against at every corner of the world, be part of the movement to a kinder future and show that Canadians care to protect its wildlife.  Show that we are intelligent as we know there is absolutely no scientific proof that the new hunting law for wolves and coyotes will help the moose populations from declining. Also, consider that wolves, coyotes and moose have been living together in their own natural dynamic for longer than any of us have been around.  It is irresponsible and disgusting of anyone, especially our government, to move forward placing blame on the blameless when it should be looking at the real culprits: habitat loss, climate change, hunting, especially the hunting of moose calf.

By easing regulations, removing requirements for reporting, extending the hunting season we are taking a terrible step backwards instead of forward.  By making these changes we are sending the wrong message about Canada, that we are irresponsible, cold and do not care to protect the amazing animals that help us a beautiful place to live in and experience

I implore my government to not take steps to make life easier for the hunting community but to instead protect the moose habitat and end all moose calf hunting.  I want to feel proud of how my government protects our iconic natural world and its sentient living beings.  I need my government to be protectors not destroyers.  Please reconsider the proposed regulations.

A Compassionate Concerned Canadian,
Mandy Saile

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