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Friday, November 13, 2020

A Year Ago Today

 It was a year ago exactly today that our world was turned upside down in what's feeling like a very permanent way even though he's now 11 months concer free!  My gut was telling me something was wrong weeks before when we were in and out of the hospital due to a foot injury that lead to blood clots that lead to him almost dying in the Critical Care Unit and all of that eventually lead to the discovery of a tumor but only after ALOT of things just kept happening to land him back in the ER!..the doctors missed this tumor again and again...Thank goodness for a random ER doctor that said "hmmm something is up here, you shouldn't have blood in your urine, lets send you for a bladder scope".   We want to find this ER doctor and somehow get a message to him to thank him for being on the ball and investigatory instead of just blowing the blood off as though it was nothing like our own family Dr. Elena Ayoub-Kolb did!

This day a year ago, my heart was pounding away in my throat as I waited in the waiting room as my honey got his scope.  I knew something was wrong the second the nurse came to get me telling me that 'my husband has had a bad scare and needed me'.  I was lead into the back to the surgeons office where I found my amazing Jonathan, usually solid as a rock no matter what, shaking like I've never seen him shake before & as I knelt down to comfort him, the doctor instantly put his hand on my shoulder...it was then that I knew we were in trouble...

Like I said, he's 11 months cancer free now...it's been a hell of a battle, a hell of a year with countless more ER visits after the discovery of the cancer, 4 big surgeries, 12 treatments, many scopes and almost 20 nights in the hospital etc etc.  Life hasn't fully uprighted yet honestly though, cause we're not out of the woods entirely yet and well I just don't know if it ever does once cancer has swooped into your life!  But I do know one thing, I have never ever been prouder of being this amazing man's partner in everything.

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