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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Meet The Maker - Day 6 - Shop Small

 Today's is the last day of Meet The Maker and the prompt is "Shop Small".

Supporting small businesses whether it's online or local is such a lovely thing and feeling...all of us small makers are just trying to make the world a smidge lovelier with our creativity and goodness knows the world
can use a bit of extra lovely lately!!

Every single order I get, no matter how big or small I do a happy dance
and get a burble of happiness in my tum.
I appreciate every single one so much.
It means the world that someone wants to spend their hard earned money
on my work and it also acknowledges my unique skills, training & hard work too.

Even if you can't buy from small businesses right now,
because let's face it, sometimes that just isn't possible,
there are still great ways that you can help us small indie businesses.
You can like our posts and I always encourage people to not just heart a post but to leave comments too....

....Reposting our work or things that you have bought from us on all or any of your social media platforms is one of the biggest ways you can help us out.
Saving our posts helps us get higher IG rankings which is a tricky beast!
and well just sharing our work & names with your family & friends
is a wonderful way to help us get our work in front of new eyes. 

Also signing up for our newsletters
and encouraging friends and family to check out our work is all super helpful. Any and all of these actions are a wonderful way to help us indie businesses out but are also great reminder to us to that someone out there is indeed paying attention and liking what we're working so hard on and in many ways that is just as important as the sales cause goodness knows we need cheerleaders, especially today in these turbulent uncertain scary & unprecedented times!

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