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Friday, March 6, 2015

The Week Looked Alot Like This

So, how was your week?
Mine was good than stressful than lovely again.
It started off celebrating my Dad's birthday with a great evening of good company & good food.
Which was was followed by snuggle time with bunnies in the sun....
...which was followed by art making time in the sun...
...than more sweet bun snuggles...Flynn has been falling asleep beside me in the mornings.
...which was followed by lots of ink drawing time with more Road To Avonlea episodes...

There was also a stressful vet visit (more on that next week).
Yuuji & I watched the grey squirrels wrestle and play every morning this week, so funny & sweet.
Spring is definitely here.
I am lighting a candle tonight for our Jin.  I can't believe she's been gone 1 year already.
Well, I hope your venturing off into a great weekend....see you next week I hope XO.

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