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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dangerously Close To Spontaneious Combustion

It was feeling like the pressure of all the recent rabbit stress etc was building and building.
I might have been getting dangerously close to spontaneous combustion in fact! ha ha!!
So an impromptu trip to the city was exactly what I needed apparently.
Even if it was a long 4 hours there & 5 hours back all in one day cause we don't have a bunny-sitter!

 A few precious hours with my beautiful best friend Judit
(carpet & wall paper designer extraordinaire)
whom I haven't seen for over a year and who I have been missing desperately was muchly needed.
It was also a day too to celebrate my sweet hard-working honey
who was beckoned to the city to be honored and recognized for a wonderful achievement in his work.
Ahh the city, a change of scenery & best friends to enjoy it all with...than getting back home....lovely.

1 comment:

Judit Gueth said...

Oh, I just noticed the post! :-) It was so nice to see you Chicken!