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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Good Treats and Indulgent Reads

It's been a stressful few weeks with the buns.
Jaks got a big infection over his whole belly than the skin dried severely, cracked like crazy & bled.
That meant more antibiotic rounds, etc, than my back completely went out...We're feeling tired!
So this afternoon after Jaks gets his stitches out, finally after 3 weeks poor guy,
I am going to take a bit of time today to
indulge in good treats & an indulgent read.
(especially since all my tax preparations went super smoothly yesterday)
I consider myself a good reader.  I read a rather wide range of books.
I read several books at a time with no troubles in keeping stories & tones straight.
I will diligently force myself through a crappy book in hopes to find some redeeming quality!
I actually think Shakespeare is quite enjoyable...(but you know my favorite is Alice Hoffman)
but now and then
a gals just gotta indulge in something super light & sweet...
like a Tinkerbell story...of which, yes, I have a few, ha ha!
Have a lovely day all.  XO

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