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Friday, August 21, 2020

Hay In A Micro-Sanctuary

When the pandemic hit, our hay supplier was completely honest with us
and told us that he was having a hard time keeping up with his customers hay demands
and was also concerned with what was going to happen with the supply chain later on...
We appreciated that info, as the buns can go a spell without veggies & pellets etc
but they must have hay every single day, period.
So this is what $600 of top quality hay looks like!
We spend about $1400 at least on hay alone a year for 9 buns because we also supplement
this main kind here with other smaller bags of botanical, oat, alfalfa etc to liven up their options.

With 9 rabbits we go through 50 pounds of hay easily in about a month, sometimes more.
So we wanted at least a 6 month supply and
if any of our local bunny friends needed any we were able to share a little too.
We ordered only 2 boxes at a time about 2 weeks apart in consideration of the poor post carrier!
(Luckily our normal guy laughs and jokes with us when he brings these 50 pound boxes to the door).
We also got lucky in that the ladies at the store put bags of our usual Oxbow pellets aside for us too,
as apparently those flew off the shelves at the very beginning of this whole mess too.
We are staying on top of things, 6 month in, we still think there's going to another lock down!
It was scary at first, the ideal of not getting food for the babies and it was truthfully squirrely
for about 2 weeks at the beginning regarding fresh veg but we've managed...thankfully...phew!!!

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