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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Meet The Maker - Day 2

 Today's Meet The Maker Prompt is "PIVOT".

I had to think on this one as I didn't think it really applied to me at first &then I realized, wait a hot minute Mandy, you literally and figuratively pivot your butt off every single day!

Firstly, I swing around like a fan all day everyday in my life as a bunny mama. Doting on NINE rambunctious cage free buns, most of whom hate each other & most who are special needs is often a full-time job and I can only manage it successfully by pivoting constantly in an effort to spread myself as evenly as possible between them all.

Secondly, my broken and misfiring body gives me no choice but to pivot. It's a delicate circular dance of turning away from the pain that ravages me & with much tenacity plugging away at my craft (or else I would never get anything made) but then being willing to turn away from my beloved work to rest, regroup and take care of my body so that I can indeed get back into the studio sooner hopefully than later!

Last but not least Cancer. It's been my biggest pivoting point. Last December 10th, a day before his 44th birthday my brilliant honey was diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of cancer. We pivoted instantly from a near perfect life to one full of constant pain, crippling fear & deep exhaustion. And Cancer during Covid well that's been a beast to conquer all of its own! We've had to constantly turn away from all of the scary big bad stuff to make sure we were still functional in life in general, still taking care other (because cancer really shows who your friends & family really are) and also of course taking care of all the demanding buns too...in fact our latest rescue arrived in our front yard the night before the very 1st big surgery!

Now at the 11 month mark of my husband being cancer free, after my shop being closed up for over a year (somethings did have to give!), I can more easily pivot away from the fear of the unknown & happily find myself SO ready to relaunch my website, reopen a brand new shop full of all kinds of whimsies & to brave the post office once again but also to pivot away from all that wasn't working...and that's exciting don't ya think???

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