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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Meet The Maker - Day 3 - New For Christmas

 The Meet The Maker Prompt for today is 'New For Christmas'.

I am super excited to get not only my brand new and refreshed website
up in the next couple of weeks
(I hope!)
BUT also my new shop...
It's been slightly overwhelming & confusing to me
to figure out but I am getting there, there's so much to work out!
I have decided to move away from Etsy and have my own shop on my own website AND the first batch of whimsical goodies I will be posting is a bunch of
my limited edition hand-pressed lino cut prints.

I honestly don't really know why I've never listed my linos,
I have always just sold them locally. But I have SO many new designs and people seem super enthused with them so yeah,
I am really anxious to start running the editions off and getting them listed
and then to keep doing so instead of just squirreling them away!

As always, because of my chronic pain life,
I always run slowly and behind everyone else,
but if you bear with me, these will be the first thing I list and I am hoping
it'll be in time for Christmas... I'll do my best! But in the meantime you can order
some of my colourful & whimsical goods from my Society6 shop.

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