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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Meet The Maker - Day 4 - Silver Linings

 Today's Meet The Maker Prompt is 'SILVER LININGS'.

This one is easy cause I am a Silver Linings kind of person.
I live with two neurological diseases and a disease of the nervous system
but despite the chronic pain that's constantly ravaging and testing my body, finding Silver Linings is essential to maintaining a positive mental attitude
through the storms.  It might be something small like "Hmmm okay I might feel like I was run over by a truck" today BUT at least I have a wonderful honey who loves making me wonderful healthy meals to help me get through and that fills my heart. Or maybe I am stuck in bed feeling like my head is going to explode BUT all of the bunnies are eating and I can hear them eating and that's one of the best sounds in the world, it makes me smile right through the pain.
Or perhaps it's a really bad fibro flare day
and it's one of those days where it feels like it's taking effort just to breathe!
BUT I've got all of the Whimsical Colourful Joyful Artwork
I know I will get back to the second I feel better and that's surely a Silver Lining.

I think too in this unpredictable and scary time with the pandemic
Silver Linings can be found all around if we really look hard enough.
I have been latching onto the extra uninterrupted time at home
with my family, that's been extra heavenly.

And I have been feeling so very grateful to all of you lovely souls
who are supporting us Indie businesses...
especially all of you who have understood that I needed to shut down
my online shop during this turbulent awful last year with our cancer fight
but you still showed much needed support with DMs
and emails asking after and buying original work, which has been amazing,
that has truly been a HUGE Silver Lining in all of this unstable upset.
Thank You 💖 SO much.

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