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Thursday, December 12, 2013

One Whole Year With Tee-Tee

This past week we celebrated joyously...
For it marked
1 whole year that our Honey Bee Tee-Tee has been with us.
Making our precious orange haired girl just over 2 years old.
One year ago on December 8th we were driving a total of 8+ hours and almost 1000kms
in a super duper nasty snowstorm to adopt our Teela from the Toronto Humane Society.
Every single time I look at her little face my heart just swells.
I just simply can not comprehend how someone can give her away to a shelter...
but in the end I am hugely glad they did because she's finally found her way home!
She called to my heart & soul as soon as I saw her little face on those adoption pages.
She was right from the start a balm to my heart
(missing our Ella Luna & during the last difficult months with Roo just 8 months after Ella passed).
She quickly became one of my brightest lights that I can't imagine life without.
Jonathan says that she & I are soul mates and I believe he is right.
She is adorably clumsy and so insanely endearing that she melts your heart.
She is so special. SO sweet, so funny & spunky.
And oh boy this little one just loves her Yuuji...
I find it sweet that they were across from each other at the shelter for a short spell.
It took awhile to bond them but now they are thick as thieves and so so precious together.
Jonathan is always saying 'How many different kinds of cute is she..." ha ha.
As naughty as she can get...she has her daddy wrapped around her little paw, ha ha ha!
and she is a huge foodie...she wants to eat everything! including walls!
The only things she's turned her nose up at so far is pickles, ha ha!
She LOVES her nightly sips of honeyed green tea with us at bedtime...
and buzzes super loud like a honey-bee...hence the nickname.
You know me, I could go on & on about my babies!  So I'll end here and just say...
Happy 1 year homecoming to our little Honey-Bee-Tee-Tee.
We can't imagine life without you our little sweet darling. 


Lisa said...

Congratulations on the anniversary! Maybe some of Ella Luna's spirit somehow found its way into Teela...

Happy Belated birthday to Jonathan!

Anonymous said...


new to reading your blog. Well I think she has both mommy and daddy wrapped around her paw and heart if you drove that far in that kind of weather to go and adopt the beautiful little girl. I think she has another long eared one wrapped around her heart too. That's the best kind of family in the world she can have. :)


Unknown said...

OMG, that Teela of ours. Such a sweeties, such a hand-full! Love her to pieces.