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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Thaw or Winter Cocoon?

We had a winter storm last week that dumped something like half a foot on us...
It was a really cold winter with very few days of snow play for the buns...
but the newest buns from the shelter actually don't seem to love the snow a whole lot, 
not like our older crew;  Ella Luna, Roo Boo, Hazel, Jin and Noo Noo.
But at least it's a bit warmer now so we can start getting outside again...
(Jaks has a much longer wait since his whole entire belly couldn't be any balder!)
Every bun seems stir-crazy.  Every bun is digging at corners, blankets, pillows, etc.
I do always love the cocoon of a cold winter season & all the work I tend to get done during winter.
But for the buns sake (and our house!) I am hoping for a quick spring thaw!

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